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Sunday, July 5th, 2020

I wish Alan Lodge (aka ‘Tash’) every success with his new book ‘Gatherings‘, a large-format hardback he has published through Blurb, which looks to be a splendid compilation of his pictures of ‘Free Festivals, New Age Travellers, Police Actions and Surveillance. Multi-Cultural and Counter-Cultural. Non-mediated events the state would rather didn’t happen!’

As he says on Blurb, ‘This is a coffee table hardback type book with 124 pages of quality photographic reproduction, printed on premium paper‘ and being from Blurb and print on demand it comes at a premium price, which, together with postage will add to around a hundred notes.

I’m not sure quite what proportion of those who took part in the events he catches the spirit of so well will now own coffee tables and be well-heeled enough to cough up for a copy of their past, though there is also a reasonably priced PDF available.

You can get a little idea of the book by looking at the few preview pages on Blurb and find out more about the photographer and his incredibly extensive work on One Eye on the Road and in particular the large black and white galleries there (and if you have Flash installed possibly from his more recent web site.) You can also watch a page-through of his Stonehenge – Solstice Ritual Zine, from a book he self-published in 1987.

As readers will know, I’ve published a number of books through Blurb, and though all rather smaller and cheaper than this, sales have always been held back by costs, which in particular prevent bookshop distribution. Booksellers need a high mark-up to keep in business and print-on-demand makes the resale price prohibitive.

July 2019 on My London Diary

Monday, August 26th, 2019

Finally my pictures and comments for July 2019 are online. It should have been easy as I took the last week off with various family events, which even if they get photographed very seldom get shared publically on-line. But somehow I’m finding keeping up with things rather difficult, and for various reasons I think My London Diary is likely shortly to come to an end. But at least a few months more…

As usual in July I went to the annual Procession of Our Lady of Mount Carmel at St Peter’s Italian Church in Clerkenwell and managed to get all three doves leaving the basket in the same picture – always a challenge.

July 2019

Boris J is not our Prime Minister
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
No to Boris, Yes to Europe
Requiem for a Dead Planet at Daily Mail

Students march for climate
XR London Tax rebellion
GLIAS 50th anniversary walk
St John’s Wood – Paddington Basin
Extinction Rebellion Waterloo

XR Summer Uprising procession
XR call for Ecocide Law

BEIS workers begin indefinite strike
East London Extinction Rebellion March
Vegan for Life Parade
Belgian Army Cenotaph Parade
IWGB welcome new Vice Chancellor
XR East London marches for clean air
IWGB demand living wage at LouLou’s
Bring Back unlawfully deported ‘PN’
London’s Sinister Arms Trade
Pride is a Protest
Give Me Five days
Protest French police attack on XR
XR Carmen’s Carbon Procession
End Inhuman Electroshock treatment

London Images

April 2019 complete

Sunday, May 19th, 2019

April may only have had 30 days, but it was a very long month for me, particularly because of the actions by Extinction Rebellion, XR. Though many friends have reservations (or worse) about them and their methods, particularly over their attitude to the police and arrests, their protests have begun to change the debate, though so far not actually got our government to take any of the actions needed to save life on earth. Perhaps the only action the Conservative government have so far taken is to put pressure on the Met police to be tougher on any further protests.

I suspect that the total of 41 posts probably is the most I’ve made in any month on My London Diary, though I’ve not gone through the site to check, As you will see from the list below XR was not the only thing happening in April.

My London Diary – Apr 2019

Protest against Israeli Army Recruitment
XR Families and Children at the Treasury
50 days anti-racist occupation at Goldsmiths
Protests at Anglo-American mining AGM

Southall rally for unity against racism
Disabled protest against Facebook
XR March back from City protests
Azerbaijanis & Armenians at Turkish Embassy
Extinction Rebellion at Marble Arch
Extinction Rebellion in Parliament Square
Free Julian Assange
Capital Ring – Hendon to Highgate
Police clear XR from Oxford Circus

Emma Thompson speaks at XR
Knife crime Operation Shutdown
Drax Protest at BEIS

XR around Parliament Square
Drax wood burning must end
XR Waterloo ‘Garden Bridge’ continues
Save Lambeth Children’s Centres
Extinction Rebellion at Shell
Extinction Rebellion Funeral Procession
Extinction Rebellion Marble Arch
Anti-capitalist environmental action
Extinction Rebellion Sea at Oxford Circus

Extinction Rebellion Garden Bridge
Brexiteers march at Westminster
Sewol Ferry Disaster 5 years on
Love the Elephant
Against extinction and trophy hunting
Times end transphobic articles
Regent’s Canal
Scrap Universal Credit Jobcentre protest
Tottenham and Spurs
Brexit protesters
Living wage at Dept of Business
Staines Walk

Brunei Sultan gay sex stoning protest
Sudanese for Freedom, Peace and Justice
Private hire drivers protest congestion charge
Windsor walk

London Images

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