Lightroom 3.2 RC

No, you haven’t missed anything, they skipped 3.1 in order to align the fractional release numbers with Lightroom and Camera Raw (for which 6.2RC is available) which makes sense. Details and download link on Lightroom Journal

Great news for me is among quite a few added lens profiles is one for the Nikon 16-35mm, and there are a couple of others, along with lots more for Canon and Pentax and also profiles for some Zeiss lenses on both Canon and Nikon. And if anyone has managed to afford a Leica S2 they will be pleased too, along with owners of a number of more lowly cameras. They also hope to have more cameras and lenses in the final version of LR 3.2.

Also there is a pretty good long list of bug fixes. If you don’t have one of the cameras or lenses for which support has been added, it’s probably worth checking through this to see if it solves any of your problems.  Although there are a few things that look as if they may help me a little, they haven’t tackled any of those things I find most annoying – like ‘Export’ giving lousy soft and over-large file size small jpegs. So I’ll continue to have to use the web module when I want to make the 600x400pixel images, then copy these out of the website created before deleting the hundreds of files I didn’t want.

One little bug fix that should help me is:

  • Develop: The local adjustment brush could have a very slow first stroke when exposure is the selected adjustment

Fortunately the catalogue format hasn’t been changed so there is less likelihood of installing 3.2RC causing any problems. But overall if you haven’t had any of the problems that are fixed in the list and if you don’t have any of the cameras and lenses for which support has been added there isn’t any point in downloading the release candidate – wait for the final release.

Otherwise, I’ve just begun my download and you should be after me in the queue to get it.

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  1. bahi says:

    Peter, can you talk a bit more about what’s going on when you export JEPGs? The web export module is using exactly the same routines to create JPEGs as you use when you’re exporting using File=> Export or clicking the export button. When you export, are you ticking the “Sharpen for” box and choosing “Screen” and “Normal”? If not, you should, assuming you’re creating JPEGs for on-screen viewing. If you’re going to make custom prints from JPEGs, choose one of the other output sharpening options.

    As for the file sizes of exported JPEGs, you an safely reduce them significantly using the quality slider. Take a look at Jeffrey Friedl’s analysis of file size vs quality for Lightroom JPEG export.

    Once you’re happy that you’ve achieved the right resolution, file size and sharpening settings, save those settings as a preset and you’re done.

    If there’s something in particular that’s not going right, drop me a line.

    BTW, we met at a photo forum on Oxford St a couple of months back and I’ve been happily reading your blog every since in an RSS reader—it’s useful, well written and insightful.

    Best wishes,


  2. Hi.

    It just doesn’t work like that for me. I use sharpen for screen but at the low setting.

    I have a suspicion but haven’t tested it, that the problem arises with images that have been worked on using the adjustment brush etc.

    I’ll write a post shortly with some examples from a random file – the one I was working on when I read your message and give the details and enlarged views of the files. In short the web module gives a 118kB file while exporting from the develop module at the same 70 quality gives a 312kB file. Image quality is more or less identical. Using the export module at 30% gives a markedly inferior quality and the file size is 254KB

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