Photomonth 2012

Photomonth, the East London International Photography Festival officially starts on 1 October and seems to grow each year. There are I think more than a hundred venues involved, with around 150 shows, and it has spread a bit beyond East London, with outposts in the West End and even Brighton as well as on-line. It’s also spread in terms of time, with the month now extending from 1 October to 30 November!

This year’s core theme was Radical London, though it’s perhaps disappointing that so few of the shows in the festival appear to relate to it – and of course my own ‘In Protest’ is one that does – and one that was devised especially with the theme in mind. Although one of the attractions of Photomonth is it’s diversity, it would have been good to see more on the core.

Photomonth is an interesting festival in part because it is so open, and as well as the shows there are also other events taking place including the talks, workshops and other events – all listed in the brochure which can be collected from any of the galleries taking part and on the web site.


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