Finally August is Complete

August was a busy month for me, partly due to the Olympics. Although I decided not to go to any of the actual events, there were half a dozen protests connected with it among the events I photographed.

Putting work on My London Diary has taken longer than usual, mainly because I’ve been occupied in September with other things, particularly with getting work ready for the show ‘In Protest‘ which is officially open from 1 October.  For the black and white work I had to review contact sheets from around 15 years of work – around 30 A4 folders crammed full of them.  There are still a few pictures I know that I took that I haven’t managed to locate. Possibly although I used them as black and white I may actually have taken them on colour negative film – there are another large bank of folders of colour work on film I just did not have time to approach – perhaps enough for another show at a later date.

Looking through the digital colour was much easier, although there may still be things that I missed as I had to rush. But you can page through images on a digital ‘lightbox’ considerably faster than looking through physical sheets housed in files, and ‘My London Diary’ actually serves as a useful index to my digital work.

The big problem was that there were so many pictures I would have liked to have included in the show, but space is limited, and I decided from the start to limit myself to around 25 framed images.  A larger number actually feature in the show as  smaller images on five sheets of work.

The show went up on the wall Friday, and I breathed a large sigh of relief, and got down to  producing and sending out the invites for the private view. Mostly that is now done and I decided I had to finish getting my work from August on line before September was up, and I made it with a few hours to spare.

© 2012, Peter Marshall

The month started on an Olympic note, with War on Want protesting against the official sportswear partner of London 201, Adidas, with some games outside their Oxford St store.

August 2012

DPAC Occupy Dept of Work & Pensions
Closing Atos Ceremony
Disabled Pay Respect to Atos Victims
Remploy Protest at Stratford
Vedanta AGM Protest
Regrade GCSE English

© 2012, Peter Marshall
Opening Ceremony for the Atos Games
Notting Hill – Children’s Day
Shoreditch Art
March Against Gangs, Guns and Knifes

© 2012, Peter Marshall
Sean Rigg Memorial – 4 Years
Solidarity with Marikana Miners

© 2012, Peter Marshall
EDL Outnumbered in Chelmsford

© 2012, Peter Marshall
Al Quds Day March
Ecuador’s Embassy & John Massey
Free Pussy Riot
Battersea Riverside

© 2012, Peter Marshall
Hizb ut-Tahrir Supports Rohingya
London Eye
Unions Continue Fight For Remploy Workers
Iraq Day Festival
Raoul Wallenberg 100th Anniversary
Adidas Stop Your Olympic Exploitation


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