In Protest

You are invited to the opening of my new show, ‘In Protest’ at the Shoreditch Gallery in the Juggler at 5 Hoxton Market on Tuesday 9th October from 6.30-8.30 pm.

© 2012, Peter Marshall

I’ve been busy for the last two or three weeks getting ready my show for this year’s East London Photomonth. This is the first year when I’ve shown work for it on my own – previously I’ve organised shows with one or more other photographers, including last year’s East of the CityParis, New York, London and Taken in London and The English Carnival.

Back in last December when I first heard that this year’s theme was to be Radical London, I was told by my friends that this show had to be of my work alone, and so later I put in an application for a show under the title ‘In Protest’.

It may well turn out the be the last show at the Shoreditch Gallery, as with the area being on the up rents are increasing, and the space will probably soon become something rather less interesting but more profitable. It was only a few weeks ago that I could be sure that the exhibition would take place physically rather than being simply an on-line show.

In the show are a selection of black and white images from 1990 to the early 2000s, including some never before exhibited or put on line. The colour pictures, from 2004-2012 have all appeared on My London Diary – and some have also been published in various newspapers and magazines around the world.  There are around 24 framed prints at roughly 36x24cm and also 5 sheets with smaller images – around another 30, and of course some fairly extensive captions.

The show is advertised as being from Oct 1-26, but we actually put it up today, so it was available to the public from around 3pm this afternoon.  I hope some of you will manage to see it, along with the other shows from the East London Photomonth which continues throughout October – and with just a few events in November.

There are quite a few events in the first week of October, so I decided it was best to have the opening party for the show the following week. If you are in London it would be good to see you. The gallery is in Hoxton Market, which is between Coronet St and Boot St, just to the north of Old St – behind the Holiday Inn, and just a few steps from Hoxton Square.  It’s easy to get to by public transport, just a few minutes from Old St tube, and even closer to the Great Eastern St stop of bus routes 55 and 243.  And many other buses also serve Shoreditch Church or Old St, both just a few minutes walk away.  Putting the postcode N1 6HG into Google or Streetmap etc will also show you the location, though for some unaccountable reason Google only tells you it is the Alexander Fleming hall of residence – proof it isn’t only Apple that gets things wrong on maps. But be warned that not all street maps have Hoxton Market shown on them, and local street signs pointing to ‘Hoxton Market’ lead to to the wrong place.


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