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The Photographer’s Guide To Choosing the Right Bio Picture on PetaPixel certainly made me smile, and I hope it will you.

It’s not a subject I’ve ever given a great deal of thought to for my pictures of myself, and I’ve tended to simply pick the first one that comes to hand whenever I’ve needed to produce a picture of myself.

Photographers seem often to take pictures of other photographers, and there are a few that people have posted on my Facebook page or given to me. I don’t think any of them will mind if I post them here (and two are by friends who are now dead, Townly Cooke and Tony Mayne.) These are just a selected few of those I have.

Peter Marshall by Luca Neve
Me at a protest by Luca Neve

Photo by Milena Nova, paint by black bloc

Photo by Paddy Garcia

by Paul Baldesare

From a portrait session in my home by the late Tony Mayne

Taken on my camera in the Prince Arthur pub, probably by the late Townly Cooke

Battle Of Cable Street 80th anniversary march and rally, Tower Hamlets October 201
Photo by David Hoffman at Cable St

And finally one of me with Linda, which I think was a self-portrait at a party in Paris where one room was set aside as a studio for all the guests to make use of. I think it was probably me rather than Linda who pressed the cable release.


All photographs copyright of the named photographers.

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