Happy Christmas

With Christmas greetings to you all – and let’s hope for a peaceful New Year

Peter Marshall


And some more card pictures from previous years:

I can’t remember at all which image I used from 2009, but I did photograph some angels:

Marching to the Wave, Dec 2009

I can’t remember either what I used the following year, and I can’t find anything which is really Christmassy. But I did photograph the Passion, and could perhaps have used one of the gory crucifixion images, or this one as the resurrected Jesus makes his way out of the tomb, scaring the Roman soldiers on guard (despite some theological doubts about it.)

Jesus scares the bejesus out of the Romans

In 2011 I was spoilt for choice – A UK Uncut Santa at HMRC, Topshop and Vodaphone, a real life Christmas Fairy at the Royal Exchange, the London Christmas Lights and an evening in Hampton Hill with Santa, lots of children, a doggy Santa and a private show in a tatoo parlour… Perhaps this picture.

Children gift-wrapped in the Christmas parade, 2011

In 2012 the Santas were out in force again for Santacon, having fun in Trafalgar Square.

Santacon 2012

Vigil for Chelsea Manning, 2013

I had a few pictures from 2014 to choose, and suspect I may have used a not very Christmas image from the cleaners protesting inside John Lewis – with its Christmas decorations on show. But protests in shops in Brixton calling on them to pay a living wage to their workers were also led by Santa, there was a ‘Fossil-Free Nativity’ in Westminster and I met Santacon both at the start of their ramblings on Clapham Common, and later in the day around Great Portland St, where they (and I) had a good time together fuelled by an excess of festive spirit.

Santacon 2014

The picture for this year’s card, at the top of this post, was taken in December 2015. I did take a few more pictures of Santacon, but this was from an entirely sober event, and one where the BMX club riders were out there to raise money for charities rather than contribute to the profits of the drinks industry. Though I expect some of them, like me, did have a glass or two later in the day. But bicycles – and probably cameras – are best operated with a clear head.


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