Christmas Cards

Like many other photographers, most years I pick one of my pictures to use on a Christmas Card, though these days given the cost of postage, more people get it in the In Tray than in their letter box. Some photographers simply pick their favourite image from the year’s ouput, perhaps interesting to receive, but it seems somehow to me more about self-publicity than any outpouring of Christmas spirit – and could be sent on any day of the year. Others send complex image montages, amusing and clever, which are fun to get, but are often not the kind of thing you want to show to some of your visiting relatives. I’ve settled for images that have at least some seasonal relevance.

I can’t actually remember which pictures I chose some years – but here are some of those that either I did or might well have sent from the past.

Ruislip, 2003

Fathers 4 Justice, 2004

Fathers 4 Justice, 2005

Santas get engaged at Santacon, 2006

Christmas Fair next to Tower Bridge, 2007

Muriel Lesters’ Serenade Bomb Makers, 2008

to be continued…


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