My London Diary update

A new year has also dawned for ‘My London Diary‘ with a slight re-design of the main monthly page. It’s a slightly cleaner look but also fixed a couple of little niggles which had begun to worry me with the earlier design – here’s the top of theĀ  Jan 2015 page to illustrate some of the difference:

The site title, ‘my london diary‘ is now more prominent, and importantly it will remain visible when users scroll down the page as the left panel is fixed – at least in Firefox, the browser I use and design the site for, though it usually works with slight differences in others as well. I should really test it in other browsers, but I’m a photographer not a web designer and life is too short. The site isn’t ‘mobile friendly’ but it does seem to work quite well when I look at it on my smartphone using Chrome.

When I add more stories from January, there should also be a difference in how the scroll bar appears.

I’ve moved the ‘my london diary index’ link down to the bottom of the left panel and also moved the site search slightly to make it stand out a little more. Basically I gave up with the ‘site index’ back in 2007, because there were just too many stories to make a sensible index, and went over to simply copying the story lists onto a page. But that got out of hand too, and unless you know the date of a story, the only sensible thing to do is to use the site search – as I always do.

Perhaps one day I’ll come up with a better idea for an index – which is why I’ve left the link there, but I’m not sure it’s going to happen. It’s quite a task, as of today there are now apparently 128,162 images on the site from around 16 years of work.


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