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‘BP executives’ ply leaving British Museum director ‘Neil MacGregor’ with food and drink

Christmas and New Year are over and people are getting back to work. Including thank goodness my dentist, and I have an appointment this morning that I hope will put an end to my toothache – Christmas was just too much strain for a couple of my teeth.

I can’t really complain about dentists taking some time off over Christmas. After all I really stopped work on the 20th, and the later posts are really from activities with my family over the holiday season, although they hardly appear in them. I do take pictures of them, particularly of my two grand-daughters, but I don’t like to put them on line. I don’t think they are likely to be of any more interest to those outside the family than anyone else’s family pictures.

Of course I have put family pictures on the web – they were the subject of my very first web site, and I wrote a little about them and the family pictures of some other photographers a few months ago in ‘In the Family Way.’ But most are best kept in the family, along with a few other private events where I share images just with those involved.

One of the highlights of the month was a commission to photograph the unscheduled performance in the Grand Court of the British Museum by the artist protesters of ‘BP or not BP‘ opposed to the climate-wrecking oil giant’s sponsorship of the museum and other arts venues which they do to improve their image at a relatively low cost rather than clean up their act.

This was in some respects a private event, a ‘flash’ performance with no advance publicity and no permission from the museum on whose premises it took place. Another photographer was there to make a video, and one other had been invited to try to sell work to the press. Of course many of the visitors to the museum who saw the event also stopped to take photographs, but it was still rather easier to work than events where a crowd of other photographers is present.

There are other events at which I’m the only photographer present – sometimes like this one because they are kept secret or as least not widely publicised – such the pair of Class War protesters at the White Cube Gallery – and others where photographers and agencies just don’t think they are newsworthy enough to make the effort.

While I can’t get to everything that happens, I started covering protests seriously because so many got no publicity. Things have changed a little since then, with many more photographers now covering protests even though they generally get even less coverage in the media, thanks to the ease of digital and the rise of ‘citizen journalism’, this largely means that ‘popular’ protests attract hordes with cameras while many smaller events are still recorded by only one or two of us.

Dec 2015

Belper – World Heritage Site
Cromford – World Heritage Site
Staines & Wraysbury Walk
Boxing Day Walk
End BP’s British Museum Greenwash
Don’t Buy Tiffany ‘Blood Diamonds’
Solidarity with Sweets Way arrestees
‘One Voice for the Dolphins of Taiji’
Phulbari coal mine protest

Christmas Rally For The NHS
Santas in London

Christmas Solidarity Vigil for Refugees

Climate Activists Red Line protest
Free the Focus E15 Table

Ugandan President – don’t sign anti-gay bill
No forced medical treatment for unemployed
Class War at Gilbert & George ‘Banners’
Bloody Murder at Ripper ‘museum’
Short Walks in Windsor

Save NHS Student Bursaries

Firefighters say cuts endanger London
Don’t Bomb Syria
London Images

As well as pictures of events etc I’ve also decided to add a monthly section with some of occasional images I take as I travel around London, often from the top deck of a bus or train window.

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