Hyena Men

Last Sunday’s Observer had an interesting piece about Pieter Hugo, the South African photographer born in Cape Town in 1976 who won the Discovery Award at Arles announced a few days ago for his pictures of the Hyena Men. It’s a piece worth reading for his stories about his experiences while taking the pictures and what it tells you about how he works. Its a piece that ends with a quotation from Elisabeth Biondi of the ‘New Yorker‘: “He has a vision and he pursues it relentlessly“.

For me the pictures on his site are from Rwanda and Messina/Musina are more interesting (perhaps because they work better on a small scale), but given the other pictures that were around this year at Arles it isn’t hard to see why apparently everyone there was talking about his work – and that it won the prize, which is awarded on a popular vote.

You can also now read more about the festival on the FOTO8 site, including more pictures by George Georgiou. And don’t forget to get busy shooting those pictures of ‘8’s for the 888 Millennium Competition – you need to send them by August 3. You can see some of the entries already on Flickr.

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  1. just discovered your website. Great work so far I could see in first view. Thank you for the article. I will bookmark it…
    Olaf Bathke, Freelance photographer Hamburg

  2. Welcome Olaf, and thanks for your comment,


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