Photo Arles on Foto 8

So far it would seem there hasn’t been a great deal to report from Arles if the first batch of images in George Georgiou’s photo-diary Photo Arles is to be believed, but it’s a nice idea and there are certainly a few images that made me wish I was there among others that made me glad I wasn’t. So far the toilets don’t appeal and only Vanessa Winship’s exhibition seems worth more than a cursory glance, but some of Georgiou’s pictures certainly look better than those on some other walls. Doubtless more will appear as the week progresses, and I’m sure there will be some interesting text on the festival too.

Also on Foto 8 is news of their latest monthly competition, which has noticed that next month we will have a Friday 08/08/08, and invites anyone to submit low-res files pictures taken on that day- either by e-mail or by posting on Flickr.

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  1. leo says:

    Thanks for the mentions, Peter. I just wanted to clarify that the Foto8 08/08/08 competition is open now. It celebrates the alignment of 8’s but pictures don’t need to be taken on the Eighth of the Eighth.

    I continue to enjoy your blog.

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