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Today I published my first book to have an ISBN, though I hope it won’t be my last and I have another 99 numbers waiting to find a home, and hope to begin work on my rather monumental ‘London Series’ shortly – a little of the work from which is on my ageing Buildings of London site (though web sites don’t really age, just get to look rather dated.)

It isn’t really a new book, but a revised edition of my book first published in 2010 and is now ‘Before The OlympicsThe Lea Valley 1981-2010: Peter Marshall ISBN 978-1-909363-00-7

© 1990, Peter Marshall
The Olympic site in 1990

Those few of you who have a copy of the first edition needn’t rush out to buy a copy – available direct from Blurb (and at their US site) – as the changes are relatively minor. The new edition has no new pictures – and actually one small image less, and I’ve slightly revised some of the captions and text. But probably the main changes are in tidying up the design and also slightly but noticeably increasing the size of many of the smaller images.

© 2005, Peter Marshall
The Olympic site in 2005,  from a few yards northwest of the view above

Publishing with an ISBN makes books easier to find, and also means that I have to send a copy to the British Library under the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003, though the requirement to deposit a copy goes back several hundred years longer.

There is a preview on Blurb which shows over a third of the book. At £26.99 for an 80 page paperback it isn’t cheap, roughly twice the price I would like to be able to sell it at, and unfortunately I can’t offer the kind of discounts that would enable it to be sold through the shops. At the moment this new edition isn’t included in my book sale, though I do still have just a few copies of the first edition available.

© 1989, Peter Marshall
Pura Foods on Bow Creek in 1989- now demolished

It does include (if I counted right) 246 of my pictures taken around the Lea, though some are still unfortunately small. It was put together using Blurb’s free Booksmart software, which does impose a few annoying restrictions on design and has some problems with handling text, but generally does the job fairly well, although I’m considering using proper DTP software for future books. I chose Blurb’s Premium paper with a lustre finish, which does well with both the black and white and colour images, but does increase the cost a few pounds. But reproduction is important, and this was the first paper from Blurb that I felt was good enough for black and white.


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