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Blurb books are very nice, but because of the way they are produced ‘on demand’ they are expensive. I want to make my books easier for people to buy, and one way is for me to order in quantity, and then pass on the savings from that to others.

So I now have a small stock of all of my books, and can supply them to UK addresses only at a significant saving over the Blurb prices. UK only as a part of that saving comes from the price including a lower delivery charge using UK postal services rather than the courier delivery used by Blurb.

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Blurb’s prices seem to go up every time I check them out, and currently a book such as my London’s May Queens costs around £35 including delivery. Direct from me I can supply it for £25 including delivery – though prices may have to rise when my current stocks are sold. But here is my full price list at the moment (16.05.2012) and details of how to order. I’ll try and keep the list up to date on one of my web pages here.

Book Sales: Blurb books by Peter Marshall

Most Blurb books by Peter Marshall are available from him to UK Addresses ONLY at or below the Blurb price but with free delivery (Blurb delivery charges on small orders are ridiculous.) You can find details of all the books in my Blurb bookstore. And if you request it, I’ll sign the books too.

Making an order for books

Please email to be sent the further details needed to place an order, which can then be made either by post including a cheque or by email and bank transfer. Prices will change as Blurb prices change and will be confirmed when you email.

Currently available (all softcover only – click on titles for Blurb book details):

London’s May Queens £25.00

2006: My London Diary £25.00

Secret Gardens of St John’s Wood £25.00

In Search Of Atget: Paris 1984 £25.00

Still Occupied: A View of Hull 1977-85 £30.00

Photo Paris: 1988 £25.00

Before the Olympics: The Lea Valley 1981-2010 £25.00

1989: 20 photographs £17.50

Hardcover versions of some books are available from Blurb, and there is an e-book (iPadf/iPhone) version of London’s May Queens only available from Blurb for £2.49

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