Contemporary Russians

Posted on Lensculture a couple of weeks ago are a set of images by 43 contemporary Russian photographers, or rather photographers from Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus. The feature has one image each selected by Lensculture’s Jim Casper from what he thought were the 43 most interesting of those whose work he saw at a week-long conference about contemporary Russian photography.

The conference, at which Jim and the other international reviewers looked at the work of 185 photographers in what must have been a very busy schedule – he looked at the work of 62 photographers in 20 minute portfolio reviews seems to be only the tip of the iceberg so far as photography there is concerned, as there were over 2400 who applied to take part, roughly 13 for every place available.

Of course it isn’t possible to say anything much about the photographers involved on the basis of a single image, but there are certainly some that made me want to see more – and Lensculture promises to let me do so in the future for some of them.

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