Prison Photography

I’ve mentioned a few times the web site Prison Photography written by Peter Brook who also is the lead blogger for’s Raw File photography blog.

Another blog I read regularly is the New York Time’s Lens, and a couple of days ago they ran a piece ‘Focusing on Prison Photography‘ in which James Estrin interviews Brook about his work and interest in prison photography, with examples and links to the work of a number of photographers. It’s an article that touches on important issues and links to some interesting photography, mainly by photographers whose work I didn’t previously know.

One UK photographer who has taken an interest in prisons is Ed Clark, and some time ago I reviewed his book Still Life: Killing Time on this site. I’ve also written about his more recent work Guantanamo: If the Light Goes Out on the camp and those who were locked up there, although I don’t think the longer piece I wrote about this ever got published. And I never got around to putting it on this site as I was waiting for a promised review copy of the book that never arrived.

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