Jane Evelyn Atwood

My daily e-mail from The Eye of Photography (l’Œil de la Photographie) today reminded me of a documentary photographer I’ve long been aware of with their post Jane Evelyn Atwood : On prostitution, Paris 1976 – 1979, which includes ten pictures from her forthcoming show at the Maison de la Photographie Robert Doisneau from 25 January to 21 April 2020.

If you are in Paris in those months, the short excursion to Gentilly just outside the southern boundary of the city will be worth making. I’ve not been there for some years, but found both the gallery and the place interesting, as well as our walk back into Paris itself, when rather than go to the nearest station (or catch a bus) we wandered the mile or two back to the Place d’Italie.

Atwood does have a web site, but it is perhaps curiously opaque, if not secretive and the only pictures I could see were small thumbnails of book covers. She is represented by Contact Press in the US, with a short bio and a web page that – at least to my browser – displays seven blank images, though in their achive you can see ‘War Never Ends‘, a feature with photographs by her and Lori Grinker.

The best on-line presentation of her work I’ve found is at l’Agence Vu, which has sections including her portfolio, portraits, books, awards and exhibitions as well as series which includes her remarkable documentary work on The Blind, Women in Prison, Land Mines and Haiti.

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