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Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020

Although I’ve photographed many politicians, most of them have been from opposition parties, and I’ve tried to ignore and avoid those whose views I disagree with. There have been a few exceptions – and I think I have at least once photographed people like David Cameron, Boris Johnson, and people on the more extreme right like Nigel Farage, Nick Griffin et al.

There are politicians I’ve liked, and examples that spring to mind include Tony Benn, John McDonnell and of course Jeremy Corbyn, though I’m certainly not going to burst into song over him. But I have met and listened to him speaking and occasionally talked with him over the years and have always been positively impressed.

The only problem I have with Corbyn is that he belongs to a party which also includes many MPs and staff who support colonialist and capitalist policies which favour the rich and wealthy in our world over the interests of the poor both in this country and overseas, and schemed against him both when he was leader. He is perhaps unfortunately not a politician, but an honest and sincere man – and one who has fought against injustice and racism in all its manifestations.

But back to Trump. Although I’ve never really had the opportunity to photograph him, if I put his name into the search box on ‘My London Diary’ it comes up with 30 results – pages of protests or protesters against him. And although I don’t know when we will find out the results of today’s US elections – probably not for some days or even weeks – I shall be rather sorry and rather worried if it results in a Trump victory. Not that I will be that pleased if Biden wins. It’s a choice between a major and a minor disaster for the world; the only possible positive result would be an overwhelming write-in vote for “neither of the above”. Though of course such a democratic decision would be surely ignored.

Anyway, here on election day, a few images of ‘Trump’ for you from the protests against his visit to London in July 2018. I’ve chosen only those that represent him visually, but there are many others of protesters with banners and placards about him in the links at the bottom of the post.

July 2018 protests against Trump’s UK visit:

US Embassy protest says NO to Trump
Noise protest against Trump
‘Trump: Climate Genocide’ Giant banner
‘Bring The Noise’ Women march against Trump
Soho parties to protest Trump’s visit
Massive protest against Trump’s Visit
Against Tommy Robinson & Trump

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