How to make a comment

Several people have had problems working out how to make comments – so here is my simple guide:

  1. At the bottom of each message is a line  mainly in blue to show it contains links – something like this:
    Posted in Political Issues, My Own Work | No Comments »
  2. Click on the words ‘No Comments’ (if there are comments already it will give the number of comments, eg ‘2 Comments’)
  3. If you are not already logged in, you will get a message with a link to Login – click it.
  4. The next page has a login screen and under it links to register, get a password reminder or return to the blog.
  5. Choose the appropriate link. When you register you will get an e-mail. Once you have a password you can log in. You can tell your browser to remember the password and log you in automatically in future – don’t do this on publicly shared computers.
  6. When you have logged in you will get a box you can type your comments in and press submit. This sends your message to the blog which automatically e-mails me. Your message will not appear on the blog until I have responded to this and approved it.

2 Responses to “How to make a comment”

  1. rdwood says:

    Act of Terror: arrested for filming police officers

    Peter, you might find this video animation of interest:

  2. Yes, nice isn’t it.

    The police ought to know the law, but often don’t. Yesterday I had occasion to remind an officer that she didn’t know what Section 11 of the Public Order Act was about when she was attempting to stop a demonstration.


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