Tomasz Gudzowaty

Thanks to Verve Photo for reminding me of the work of Tomasz Gudzowaty, a very fine Polish photojournalist (b 1971)  who has won too many awards over the years to mention.   In the past few years he has concentrated on photographing sports, but bringing to the area the kind of humanistic eye of a great photojournalist.

His interests are away from the big events, the big money and the champions (though he does have a very nice set of portraits of ‘The Olympians‘, sporting champions from the past on his web site) , looking very much at minority sports and people at all levels in them, managing to get published the kind of stories that don’t usually make the sports pages and magazines.

One of his more recent essays that has won awards is on urban golf in India,  a game invented and played by slum kids – and not the kind of event I photographed a few years ago in Shoreditch, though it has some similarities, but unlike me he makes some stunning black and white images from it.

© 2006 Peter Marshall
Urban Golf in Shoreditch was sponsored by a drinks company

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