March 2019 complete

It should have been easy to finish getting My London Diary on-line for March, as minor ill-health meant I was unable to take pictures for ten days, so I covered rather fewer events. But it is increasingly a struggle to get it done.

For some years I’ve been wanting to move away from Nikon to smaller, lighter cameras which would be less tiring to carry. I’d hoped that the Fuji X cameras would do the job, but although the lenses are superb, the cameras are just not responsive enough. Over a few years and several models they improved in various ways, but they still (I’ve not tried the latest) don’t provide the confidence that when you press the shutter release they will take a picture. Sometimes the fastest way to wake them is to turn the camera off and on again, and in the second or so it takes for them to respond the picture has gone.

This month, should you care to examine the EXIF data, you can find pictures made with Nikon, Olympus and Fuji cameras. I think the Olympus can probably do almost everything I need, despite its sensor size only half that of the Nikon and the smaller file size, but I’m still evaluating the results. The camera I have is the OMD EM5II, which seems ridiculously cheap for what it offers.

Mar 2019

Freedom, justice & equality for Palestinians
Climate Protest at Barclays Bank

Kurds support hunger strikers
Fridays for Future climate protest
Brexiteers protest Betrayal
Vigil and protest for Christchurch victims

8th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution
No to Racism, No to Fascism
Remember Fukushima 8 years On
No more deaths on our streets

London Schools Climate Strike
Million Women March against male violence
Blood of Our Children – XR

Women’s Strike Red Feminist March
Camden Panoramas
Global Women’s Strike
Graffiti at Leake St
Yellow Vests applaud Kurdish protesters

Rally supports Kurdish hunger strikers
Sudanese support the non-violent uprising

Algerians say no 5th term for Bouteflika
Scrap Universal Credit
End Japanese dolphin slaughter
Black Cab Drivers blockade
Weekly climate protest
Plastics protests in London

London Images

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