UBS Picks on Cleaners

There is something I find sickening about the way that bankers can pay themselves large bonuses but happily use contracting companies to clean their offices that cut the pay of some of the poorest in London. Not only have the cleaners at UBS suffered a loss in pay, they’ve also lost their rights, and Alberto Durango got the sack for protesting about it as their union rep.

The protests continue, and on Friday night I was there outside the UBS’s large and impressive offices in London’s Liverpool St – next to the station – to cover the event. As at the previous demonstration I photographer there in February, it was damp and there wasn’t a great deal of light. It’s also difficult to think of new ways to photograph an essentially similar event, and the pictures have a certain deja-vu.

But there are times when I think just being there and witnessing and making an attempt to bring what is happening to the attention of others is important, and this in its own small way is one such.

© 2010, Peter Marshall
Alberto takes a photograph

Earlier in the event the two children in this picture were holding a banner with their drawings on it and the message ‘Reinstate My Daddy Now!!!’ but I couldn’t find a way to get a good picture of it (you can see a couple of attempts, along with some of the other pictures I took on My London Diary, which also has more about the event.) Some things just don’t fit a frame well whatever you do.

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