February 2019 complete

Finally I’ve finished uploading pictures and text for February.  It was a busy month and I seem to have taken a lot of pictures despite it being a short month. I’ve been trying to ignore Brexit and hope it will go away, but there were a few things to do with that, including a group of extreme right-wing Brexiteers who continue to be a nuisance, and although I never set out to photograph them I kept meeting.

Other things were more pleasant. It’s always a pleasure to photograph Class War, and their performance at the London Palladium was no exception, and it was good to meet Ken Livingstone again on the two Venezuela protests. And I was particularly pleased to meet Venus again at the ‘Reclaim Love’ Valentine Party – and there is a rare picture on the site that was not taken by me of the two of us.

Feb 2019

Class War protest Rees-Mogg freak show
North Woolwich

Outsourced Workers at Justice ministry
Outsourced Workers protest at BEIS
Rally for an end to Outsourcing
Eton & Windsor
Staines & the Thames
Leake Street graffiti
Bolivians protests against President Morales
Yellow Jackets continue protests
Sudanese support non-violent uprising

Stop Trump’s Venezuela gold & oil grab

Against political trial of Catalan leaders
Reclaim Love 2019 street party
End BP sponsorship at British Museum

Bring Goldsmith’s Security In-House
Pro-EU campaigners and Brexiteers
Workers strike at Business ministry
UPHD drivers protest unfair congestion charge
Kashmir Awami Party call for Freedom

Kashmiris call for freedom
People’s Trial of the Home Office
Extinction Rebellion Hackney Street Party
Bank of England return Venezuela’s Gold
Aylesbury residents protest lack of heating
Tamils protest on Sri Lanka Independence Day
Staines walk
Canada Goose
Sudanese support the uprising
Yellow Jackets in Westminster
Hands Off Venezuela

London Images


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