Berlin 17: Alexanderplatz

We had to go to the Alexanderplatz, not just because it was only five minutes walk from the flat we were staying in. But also it seemed to be a good place to go to for an ice cream.

Ices were no problem, but otherwise the place was depressing. A wide open space with people lost and wandering, surrounded with architecture largely of little interest.

The only real exception was the Teacher’s House, again architecturally bland, but enlivened by a band of mural with a Mexican feel.

I took far too many pictures of that mural, mainly with the 35mm equiv on the Fuji X100. The light was getting a little low.

To its side was a row of tents, with a rather more  interesting shape.

I moved in closer and angled the camera up

and photographed the other side

and the back.

But it remained an awkward subject, a long thin strip, unsuited to my 1.5:1 aspect ratio.

I stepped back and took a final frame of the whole building then went to photograph the other feature of the area featured in the tourist guides, the World Clock.

I thought it looked more impressive if I combined it with the TV tower, but perhaps this was rather misleading.

and I moved to see it from another viewpoint, before going in closer.

and closer still

Underneath the clock a woman was playing a guitar

And there was a proper clock so I could tell what time it really was.

There were some fountains too, but by now  I was getting hungry and gave up taking photographs.Our walks around Berlin continue in later posts.

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