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Last October I went to Hackney to join education charity WorldWrite in their protest against the interference with the right to film in public places that they have faced, mainly by officials working for Hackney council. I wrote about it in Worldbytes Defend the Freedom to Film, which included a few pictures I took in Ridley Road market, one of the places where they had been told they could not film.

© 2009 Peter Marshall.
I’m filmed by the Worldwrite crew in Ridley Market.

You can now see the film ‘Freedom to Film‘ they made on that day, and – health warning – one of the people they interviewed is a rather maniacal looking photographer called Peter Marshall. Apart from that it’s a well made film that states many of the issues clearly.

© 2009 Peter Marshall

One of the points made on the film is that we are all being watched all the time by CCTV – as the notice above makes clear, though I couldn’t quite follow its logic. Though I do seem to remember someone being convicted of a lewd act with a bicycle last year.

But seriously I’m pleased that WorldWrite are making a stand and promising to record and make public every interference with their filming in public places. The flier they were handing out during the filming gave a clear statement of the law:

There is in fact NO LAW against filming or taking photographs in public places and permission or a licence is NOT required for gathering news for news programmes in public spaces.

I hope Hackney Council are listening and ensure their employees get the message.

© 2009 Peter Marshall
God is Able Salon

Just a few yards away is God First Hair Do and you can see a picture and a few more pictures from Ridley Road on My London Diary.

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  1. Latest idiocy – man threatened with arrest as paedophile for photographing his fully clothed son on shopping centre coin-operated train ride and ordered to delete pictures from his camera phone!

  2. and another – a man stopped by a police officer under Section 43 of the Terrorism Act – PC Steve Burchett should get his knuckles rapped by Thames Valley Police for his misuse of terrorism legislation, but I very much doubt he will. Oxford Mail has report and video (really audio) of the event.

  3. the_fonz says:

    Cool, see also the Worldwrite film ‘Policing the Public Gaze’,

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