South Norwood stands with Grenfell

No one with any human decency will not have been disgusted when a video emerged of a fireworks party burning a replica of Grenfell Tower, complete with people shown trapped inside. Police investigated and made arrests, though it wasn’t clear what those responsible could be charged with. Sickening and offensive though their act was, it was not specifically targeted at a particular racial or religious group, though thought to be racist in intent and particularly directed at those killed who were Muslim, it was rather an offence against humanity and human feelings as a whole, but not covered by our hate crime laws.

The event particularly shocked the people of South Norwood, where the party took place, and the South Norwood Tourist Board (an unofficial body which promotes the area, organising community events including tours and the setting up of a garden on waste ground beside one of its main streets) decided to take action over the sick event. As well as being local residents of South Norwood, at least one of the prominent members of the SNTB is a former resident of Grenfell Tower, and he and others have been involved with events aimed at getting justice over the fire.

The SNTB decided to organise a march to show community solidarity with the people of Grenfell as well as there disgust at the burning of the effigy, contacting the Grenfell victims group, Grenfell United to gain their approval for a march in SOuth Norwood to be held at the same time as the silent march of remembrance in Notting Hill on the 14th of every month.

Several hundred came to the start of the march outside Norwood Junction station, mainly from the local community, but with others from some distance who had been shocked and saddened by the video which was posted of the burning model tower. The start of the event was shown live on ITV News with an interview with Jane Nicholl of the SNTB and Sandra Ruiz from Grenfell United who had brought one of their banners.

Notably missing from the march were any members of the South Norwood Conservative Club, to which several of those areested belonged; the club does not appear to have made any public comment condeming or disassociating itself from their behaviour.

The march went in silence through the main streets of SOuth Norwood to a short rally outside South Norwood Leisure Centre where there were short final speeches from Jane and Sandra, before most of us went for a free cup of soup provided by the nearby The Portland Arms, and I went in for a drink with friends before catching the three trains to take me home.

South Norwood stands with Grenfell


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