2018 numbers and stuff

One of my favourite pictures for each month of 2018,  and some thoughts and statistics about this site.

January: End Outsourcing at University of London

February: Fix the NHS Crisis Now

March: Defend Afrin – Bring Anna Home

Its always hard to know what the numbers of visitors to >Re:PHOTO mean, but rather dispiriting when it declines, as it did in 2017, going down to around a tenth of its peak. Traffic does now appear to have levelled out, and has actually shown a small increase in recent months.

I think that huge decrease was largely caused by changes in Google’s algorithms which have greatly affected the visibility of the site. I’ve never done any real publicity, and its around a dozen years since I took any interest in ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ – when I was writing for money on another site and my income depended on the number of page views my articles recorded. Only a very small fraction now of visitors arrive from search engine, with 75% coming direct.

April: End outsourcing at University of London

May: Windrush Immigration Act protest

June: Vote No to Disastrous Heathrow Expansion

This site makes me no income – apart from the handful of kind individuals who have responded to the appeal on the bottom of my posts with small Paypal donations. Always welcome! As of course is sharing the posts I write with others. I write them to share some of my thoughts about photography (and sometimes too much politics) and to share my own work with a wider audience. As well as here, I also share my pictures both on Facebook and on a number of websites, mainly my own.

And of course it costs me a lot of time and a little money to run the site. I’m now facing a decision about how to continue this and the other web sites I run as I’m getting close to the limit of files that my current hosting contract allows – 262,144 files. I think I’ll have to open another contract, either with my current host or another, and with my plans for putting much more of my London archive on line it would be good to find a reasonably priced solution that would enable a rather larger number of files. Suggestions welcomed.

The actual costs I pay to my web host are probably balanced by the occasional sales of prints and reproduction rights to people who see my work here and elsewhere on the web, though these have turned out to be rather smaller than I hoped when I set up the sites. But it’s good to get people looking at the work even if they don’t pay for it, and what I pay each year on-line is less than a single physical exhibition would cost me, and reaches a hugely larger audience.

July: Shut Down Yarl’s Wood 14

August: Against attack on Bahrain Embassy hunger striker

September: Class War visit the Rees-Moggs

For 2018, the total number of visitors to >Re:PHOTO was 239,953 and the number of page impressions was 1,307,953. That works out at over 3,500 pages visited per day over the year.

The most popular of my other web sites was My London Diary, with over half a million page views in the year, over 1,400 per day, visitors up around 40% and page views up over 60% over 2017. The largest increase in views was for my London Photos site, which rose from from 21,120 page views in 2017 to 117,709 last year.

October: 20th UFFC remembrance procession

November: Extinction Rebellion Parliament Square

December: Grenfell silent walk – 18 months on

So thanks to you all for reading the site – and don’t forget comments are always welcome on posts.

There are no adverts on this site and it receives no sponsorship, and I like to keep it that way. But it does take a considerable amount of my time and thought, and if you enjoy reading it, a small donation – perhaps the cost of a beer – would be appreciated.

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All photographs on this and my other sites, unless otherwise stated, are taken by and copyright of Peter Marshall, and are available for reproduction or can be bought as prints.

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