Rob Bremner’s Liverpool

Liverpool publisher Bluecoat Press are building up a great collection of titles showcasing British photography, particularly “books about photojournalism and documentary photography, with a particular emphasis on British identity“.

One I know I’ve written about in the past was Paul Trevor‘s Like You’ve Never Been Away and I also mentioned Trish Murtha‘s Elswick Kids and her Youth Unemployment.

Another volume, not yet listed on the Bluecoat Press site, but like these funded by a succesful ‘Kickstarter’ campaign (it ended in September 2018) is Rob Bremner‘s ‘The Dash Between‘, with portraits he took on the streets of Liverpool in the 1980s, which, as the Liverpool Echo headline says “captured the true heart of 80s Liverpool“.

You can see a fine collection of Bremner’s images on his Instagram page.

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