Mail transphobic hate

People came to the Daily Mail to protest against papers in the Mail group, including the Metro, Daily Mail and others publishing articles demonising trans people, particularly trans women, and in particular the publication of an advertising campaign by campaigning group ‘Fair Play for Women’, which they see as a hate group.

A small group of mainly older feminists have come out violently against the right of trans women to be considered as women; they have been labelled as ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminists’ and have published articles, picketed and protested at events against the inclusion of trans women as women, and of the right of trans women to identify themselves as women.

Many other feminists and those in sympathy with the feminist movement view them as extremists who are denying trans people their human and civil rights. They accuse the ‘TERFs’ of hate speech, while the anti-trans group say that the term TERF is itself hate speech.

Having several trans friends, I find the prejudice against them and the denial of thir problems and rights hard to understand and impossible to tolerate.  As the poster says, ‘Some People Are Trans. Get Over It‘. And while I might not share the language of the other poster below, I rather endorse its sentiment.

As the posters at this protest illustrate, feelings over the issue run high, and there have been some violent clashes between the two groups, disrupting some events.

Photographing the setting off of flares by the protesters as usual presented some propblems. At first I was too close to the protesters, at the right of the picture above, in the direction the coloured smoke was blowing. Everything went blue and it was had to see anything. I quickly rushed around and moved slightly further away from the protesters to take the picture above, and several others, moving in slightly closer to concentrate on particular women.

Smoke flares soon burn out, and I didn’t quite manage to do all I wanted to, but I was fairly pleased with a couple of the images.


Mail group end your transphobic hate


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