Parc de St Cloud 1984

© 1984, Peter Marshall

One of the places on the edge of Paris that I visited in 1984 was the Parc de St Cloud. Since then I’ve had a print of the picture above on my wall and I still like it. The print is just a little darker and more luminous than the web image, which is from a scan made using the Epson V750 Pro flatbed scanner.

The scans aren’t quite as good as those I can get from my dedicated neg scanner (a Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro) which, with an added Scanhancer diffuser, a specially made negative holder and multi-scanning with Vuescan software rivals the best a drum scanner can produce, but they are not too far short. The V750 has a big advantage for things like making a web site as the scans are about ten times as fast.

Of course many other photographers have taken pictures of St Cloud, and I went there in particular because Eugene Atget had worked there. You can see several of his pictures from there in a set of 58 on-line from the large collection at MoMA.

Unlike a number of other photographers, I didn’t try to “re-photograph” the works of Atget, but I was interested in seeing the places where he had worked and making my own pictures there, and I spent a couple of weeks exploring “his” Paris and produced a set of work that I called ‘Paris Revisited‘ and subtitled ‘A Homage to Atget‘, and showed a set of around 40 pictures in 1985.

You can see more of my pictures from St Cloud on my Paris Photos site, where I’ve recently added a large selection of the pictures from ‘Paris Revisted‘ and I’ll write about some of the other sections in later posts. The images on the web site are almost all un-retouched scans, though I have made some minor adjustments to contrast on some.

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