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Class War visit the Rees-Moggs

September was an unusual month for me, partly because I spent quite a lot of it outside London, with a week in the western Lake District, then a family event that took me for another weekend up to Belper in Derbyshire.¬† I’ve included some pictures from both these in ‘My London Diary‘ because it’s convenient for me to have them here and also because I know some people who read the site would lke to see them.

Ennerdale was interesting in several ways. I’ve been to the Lake District before quite a few times (starting with a day coach trip from Manchester during our honeymoon – and we were celebrating our 50th anniversary this year) but I’ve never really come to love it as I know many do, largely I think because much of it is infested with tourists. Of course I was one of them, but I do like to get away from the herd, and even some of the mountain tops there get crowded at times.

Ennerdale is still out of the way, and the plan is to keep it like that, with the area deliberately being allowed to go wild. You can’t drive though it, and the road that goes along much of its length has a gate so that only those with a key can take a vehicle along it. If you want to travel you have to walk, though I suppose you could also ride a bike. The landscape certainly isn’t on an Alpine scale and rather tamer than parts of Scotland, but wild enough.

The story which attracted most attention was of course the visit of Class War to the Westminster home of the Rees-Moggs. It showed the media at their worst, failing to check the facts and bursting with ridiculous and unwarranted indignation based on a lack of understanding about what actually took place. And of course both Rees-Mogg and Class War revelled in the publicity. You can read the real and more amusing story on My London Diary.

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Sep 2018

Carter’s Steam Fair

Deptford Panoramas
Deptford Art & Gentrification Walk
Deptford Walk
Bethnal Green
Hands Off Amadiba

Kings College workers await council decision
End executions in Iran

People’s Walk for Wildlife
Please feed the lions
Belper (& Birmingham)
100Women protest at BEIS

100Women against fracking
Trump told to close Guantanamo
Class War visit the Rees-Moggs

Worldwide Rise For Climate
Justice for Windrush descendants

Ennerdale Holiday
Penrith Castle

Crag Fell
A Lakeland Drive

Walking round Ennerdale Water
Cleator Moor
Ennerdale Bridge
Ennerdale arrival

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