A Holiday in Manchester

Manchester, England’s second city, might not be everyone’s choice for a holiday, though I think it has a great deal to offer.  A little over 50 years ago, it was where I spent my honeymoon, though that was mainly because we had a flat there and were too broke to go anywhere else – at the time we were both pretty penniless students.  Though I’m not sure we went out a great deal in the first week or so, except for a day coach trip to the Lake District.

I’d lived at various addresses in south Manchester – Whalley Range, Alexandra Park (or was that really Moss Side), Longsight, Withington (that only lasted a week before the bed bugs chased me out), Rusholme, Fallowfield before we moved to occupy the top floor of a small terraced house within spitting distance from Maine Road where we spent the first two and a half years of our marriage, but after around seven years had to move, first to Leicester and then on further south, where work took me. I’d applied for jobs in Manchester, but without success. Since moving away in 1970, I’d only been back for the odd conference or passing through on my way elsewhere.

So my short holiday there – three days at the start of August – was something of a nostalgia trip both for me and my wife, and we spent some time visiting some of our former haunts, though most had changed beyond recognition. And as you will find if you read my accounts on the web site ‘My London Diary’ at least one of the places we had never quite managed to visit (and that Linda has held against me since 1970).  Three days wasn’t quite enough, as there weresome new things we wanted to do. and there were a few places we didn’t manage to revisit, so perhaps we will make another visit some time.

You can see some of what we did on My London Diary, perhaps not the most appropriate place, but though it mainly includes events and occasions in London, it should perhaps have had the rather less snappy title ‘My Diary of events and places mainly in London’. As usual on that site, the posts are in reverse order with the first at the bottom of the list.

Manchester Visit 

Ancoats – Saturday
Central Manchester – Friday
St Johns Quarter
Oxford Road to Castlefields
Mersey Walk &, Fletcher Moss
Manchester to Didsbury
Manchester: Canal walk
To Stockport & Bramhall Hall

Science & Industry Museum
Manchester: City Centre – Wednesday
Manchester: City Centre – Wednesday

Manchester: Oxford Road
Manchester: City Centre – Wednesday

I didn’t take a great deal of photo equipment with me, just one camera, the Nikon D810 and three Nikon lenses, the 16mm fisheye, 18-35mm and 28-200 zooms, along with one spare battery and a charger. It was all I needed.



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