Half Life

Here’s a set of 30 pictures on Burn that I really enjoyed looking at, not least because as it says “ESSAY CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT”. As always I thought that non-explicit photography would have to be very out of focus, and in fact most of the more sexually explicit images in the sequence deliberately utilise depth of field to soften the relevant areas.

The 30 square black and white images of ‘Half Life‘ were shot on medium format film and individually each  has a certain presence and moodiness, while together they build up a description of a life-style, of relationships, of memories from a recent two year period in the photographer’s life.

You can see more of the work of Edoardo Pasero (b 1978 Milan) on his web site. On permanence is a series of pictures of tattoos on various parts of the male and female anatomy and is perhaps rather more explicit, but Scripta Manent will offend no-one with its images of old books, documents and a library, which also in some images uses limited depth of field to great purpose. His colour portraits, some of which are also semi-nude, are for me less interesting, though there are a couple that I like particularly, a woman with beads that look a little like giant smarties and a man sitting on shopping trolleys, both clothed. You can also see more of his pictures on IrisF64.

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