Harbutt in Visura

Charles Harbutt has long been one of my favourite photographers – his book Travelog (1973) was one of the first real photography books I bought, and it was truly inspiring. His workshops have altered the lives of many, including the late Peter Goldfield – who was led to set up his place for photographic workshops at Duckspool in the west country, and it was to there that I went in the 1990s and got my own taste of the Harbutt workshop experience. By then it was perhaps a little too late to change my own life, but I could certainly see how it had been such an important experience for Peter.

So it was good to get an e-mail telling me that the latest issue of the on-line magazine Visura featured a portfolio of his work – and for anyone not familiar with it, I think it’s a good place to start, although Harbutt also has his own  web site. One thing definitely not to be missed on that is an interview of him by Joe Cuomo, and of course the pictures!

It’s a shame that the link on his site to the short piece I wrote about him on ‘About.com‘ no longer works, although in truth it wasn’t one of my better efforts. I described him as “one of many leading photojournalists to be a distinguished ex-member of Magnum” (he joined in 1963 and was twice its President) and as “leaving to fulfil his more personal interests in photography when he felt it was abandoning its traditions and becoming too commercial in 1981” as well as giving links to his work then available on the web. One article by him I’d recommend is his I Don’t Take Pictures; Pictures Take Me.

Visura Magazine has plenty of other good things too – well worth exploring this issue and the archive – though some links are a little slow to load.

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