June 2017

I’m still working around a month behind on getting My London Diary (MLD) up to date, and despite my efforts don’t seem to be getting any close to finishing publishing the work on time. I do try to post Facebook albums more or less straight away, usually including just the same images I send to one of my agencies and the main caption.

Posts on MLD take longer because I like to include more images. Some of the images I like best are ones that I don’t think an agency would like, and there are often more pictures I think worth posting on-line. Sometimes there are whole stories that I don’t think worth sending to agencies, and I also include some pictures of walks and events that are not news at all in the diary.

Captions on pictures for the agencies are generally fairly concise and factual and on MLD I often want to tell more of the story – and give a more personal and often more political point of view. Captions on MLD have a different function – and assume that people looking at the pictures will be reading the whole story rather than just finding an image in a search.

All of these things takes time – as does putting everything together as web pages.

June 2017

LSE Cleaners Victory Party
Withdraw US troops from Korea
Time for PR – Save Our Democracy
Women protest DUP/Tory talks
Football Lads Alliance at London Bridge
Anti-fascists oppose the EDL

EDL march against terror
London University Security officers
SOAS J4W & IWGB Security Workers

‘Day of Rage’ march for Grenfell
Al Quds march

Zionists protest Al Quds Day March
Brian Haw remembered
Ted Knight speaks for Central Hill

Class War protest Grenfell Murders
No Tory DUP Coalition of Chaos

Justice for Grenfell Downing St protest
Justice for Grenfell Ministry protest
London Co-operative Housing Group report
Stop demolishing council estates
May has to go march!
May has to go rally!
Irish Abortion Rights
Protests follow Hung Parliament Vote

Street Theatre against LSE Inequality

DPAC Trash The Tories in Maidenhead
LSE Cleaners strike Day 7
Liar, Liar protest at BBC
LSE Cleaners strike for equality

London Images


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