Blue Swoop

The Climate Camp Swoop ended up as more of a long perch followed by a fairly short couple of rides.  You can read my story about it on Demotix, Indymedia or My London Diary, which is the best version as it has most pictures.  We hung around for a while at Stockwell station (and this time there were no pineapples walking along the streets)

© 2008 Peter Marshall
Pineapple parade at Stockwell Station, Sept 2008

but there were some interesting people waiting for something to happen.

© 2009 Peter Marshall

Two hours later we were on a train and going towards the Climate Camp site which turned out to be at Blackheath.

© 2009 Peter Marshall.

And on My London Diary you can read the details and some more pictures from the day, including at least one more of the person the papers describe as an ‘eco-starlet’ who seemed to be travelling with her own media team.

And it was nice to see my version of that report published on London Indymedia made the front page of the Climate Camp web site shortly after I posted it. But My London Diary has more pictures.

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