May 2017 Complete

Railways and canals in Manchester

May was a long month for me, and I’ve only managed to finish putting it on My London Diary (with just a few little things to tidy up) coming up for midnight on June 30th because I had to take something of a rest from work this week – for various reasons.

Too many things have happened recently in London and in the UK – including a general election, terrible attacks at Westminster and London Bridge and the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower. Fortunately I haven’t been directly affected personally by any of these, and have only covered them rather peripherally, but they have taken up a considerable amount of nervous energy and time writing about related issues rather than photography.

As well as photographing as usual in London, I spent a weekend away in Manchester, attending a conference and 50th anniversary celebration of a group I’ve been a part of for over 40 years which I was also asked to photograph. While I was up there I found a few hours to take a walk in Manchester – where I lived for 7 years back in the 1960s, mainly as a student – and also to take the tourist trail around Rochdale, a town I don’t think I ever visited when I lived in Manchester although I taught for two terms a short distance away.

May always starts with a heavy day, as I attend and photograph the May Day celebrations in London – and this year for once May Day was a bank holiday. Long days like that – and the long night afterwards editing and processing images – make me feel my age, and it now takes me several days to recover.

May 2017

End Gross Inequality at the LSE
Keep the Fox Hunting Ban
Picturehouse Strike for Living Wage
Sisters Uncut General Election Rally

Cyclists Tory HQ die-in against pollution
E17 Protest Against School Cuts
Red Cross act for Hunger Strikers
Golden Boat Award for Serota

Vote for decent, secure homes
Lift the Siege of Buenaventura
Grant Assange Safe Passage

LSE Cleaners strike for equality
March Against Monsanto
Focus E15 launch The Newham Nag

End media lies against Venezuela
Teen Voice says votes at 16
End dog and cat meat trade
Stop Deportation Of LGBTI Asylum Seekers
Cleaners protest at HSBC

Shut down Yarl’s Wood Prison

LSE Cleaners strike
LSE Equality Life Not Money protest
DPAC against Tory Hate

May Day F**k Parade
May Day F**k Parade Meets
May Day Rally
May Day March
May Day March Gathers

London Images


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