April 2017

April has been a hard slog, but finally is complete on My London Diary. I’m not sure why it has been quite so hard, though the Olympic Park update was a particularly long job. It took only two or three hours to walk around and make the images, but it was a whole day’s work on Sunday to process them – and that means around 12 hours on the computer. Most of the images are panoramic and these need rather more processing than standard images and Lightroom can’t do it all, so the files need to be written out into Photoshop as 24-bit ProPhoto Tiff files.

Computers age badly,  even worse than photographers, and I’m feeling my knees rather too much at the moment. But the pretty well state of the art machine I bought in 2011 is beginning to show its age, particularly when handling the 206 Mb  Tiff files that are behind the small jpegs I place on the web site. The Tiffs are 16 bit and 7360 x 4912 pixels, large enough to print at high quality around 24 inches wide – or display on a screen at any size you like up to billboard, but the jpegs are only 8 bit and 760 px wide. But I find myself waiting for images to load and process far too long.  Perhaps it’s time for a new computer.

Apr 2017

Class War Paper Launch at White Cube
Trump and May – Climate Disaster
Palestinian Prisoners Hunger Strike vigil
Olympic Park Update
International Workers’s Memorial Day
RMT protest driver only operation
LSE decorated against inequality & corruption
London Uni Security Officers strike
LGBT rights abuses in Chechnya
Scientists Rally for Science
Reform Family Courts
Scientists march for Science
Valley Gardens
Richmond to Greenford
Good Friday procession of witness
St Paul’s- Ecce Homo twice
Axe subsidy to massive polluter Drax

Human Chain at Latin Village

Against Chemical Warfare in Syria
Boat dwellers fight evictions
Zuma Must Go
UAF protest extreme right marches

Britain First & EDL exploit London attack
Iraqis protest US killing in Mosul
Youth protest over housing benefits loss
Flowers for London Victims
Motorcycle Theft Protest Ride

London Images


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