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I’m not generally a huge fan of interviews with photographers which too often fail to illuminate their work, particularly if they are in glossy magazines and supplements. Too often interviewers fail to ask the right questions, and sometimes photographers seem to have little idea of the answers.

But over the years I’ve listened to a number of Jim Casper’s audio conversations on Lensculture with interest, and often linked to them from posts here and elsewhere. So it’s good to have a whole collection of them linked from a single page there, each with a small photograph and a transcript of an excerpt from the audio.

I’m not sure whether it’s that Jim asks the right questions or that he chooses the right photographers – but every one I’ve listened to so far is worth a listen. Or perhaps there are conversations he records that don’t make it to the site.

What I do thinkĀ  is missing is an index. At the moment there are (I think) 38 photographers and it’s very easy to miss some as you scroll down the very long page, three to a row. Its a problem that can only get worse as Jim talks to more people and adds them to the page.

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