Photojournalism 2017

Here’s a piece you shouldn’t miss if you have an interest in photojournalism and its future – if it has one, though this is really more about its past. In its way it doesn’t say a lot, but I think even that says something. Donald R Winslow has been in the business for 40 years, at all levels. James Estrin, a staff photographer and regular writer for the New York Times, has also been around a while – he started with the NYT in 1987 and founded their Lens blog.

Also recently by Estrin are his comments on the 2017 World Press Photo. In The Guardian you can read the thoughts of the jury chairman, Magnum photographer Stuart Franklin, in This image of terror should not be photo of the year – I voted against it.

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  1. ChrisL says:

    The moral dilemma of naming the winner by Burhan Özbilici is well expounded by Stuart Franklin who however fails to see any moral issues or irony in contrasting the image of a dead black rhino by Brent Stirton in the nature stories and the “Sports” singles category winner by Tom Jenkins of horses falling in the Grand National, four horses died in the race. The extra irony being the photographer was 20 yards away from his remote camera:

  2. I suppose I’m fairly happy to be speciesist about such things. And as someone who never reads the sports pages, I’m always rather suprised to come across the sports section in the WPP shows. Just occasionally I find it interesting, but usually just think the pictures are cleverly done. But seldom that they say anything about the human condition.

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