Jan 2017

A combination of minor ailments, bad weather and other commitments meant that I was able to complete uploading January’s stories and pictures to My London Diary earlier today, 1 February, something of a record. I’d hoped to get it finished yesterday, but had to work on other things. Until the last few days, January had been a relatively quiet month, and I’ve not been able to cover the recent anti-Trump protests for various reasons. My work hasn’t been helped by a hike in rail fares to get to London, some of my journeys now costing around 30% more than they did in 2016.

I’ve written before that I’ve been trying to cut down the work I’m doing on My London Diary and spend more time on other things, one of which is Hull, currently enjoying its year in the spotlight as 2017 UK Culture. As well as publishing work from the 1910s and 80s over the year on my new Hull Photos web site, I’m also hoping to carry out a new project in Hull, as well as visiting for talks and possibly workshops etc. Meanwhile I’m also working on a new website on my old work in London, hoping to launch something on the first 10 years later in the year.

The biggest event of the month for me was the protest by the UVW and friends at Harrods. People often tell me that it isn’t worth protesting, but this tells a very different story, with the protest hitting the national news before it even happened and Harrods being shamed into giving the staff the money their customers assumed the staff would get. It’s only one of many protests I’ve photographed that have had a successful conclusion, and many others have succeeded in getting attention to issues that otherwise would never have been covered by the national media or discussed in homes, workplaces and parliament, putting issues on our national agenda. Protests don’t always work, but they often do – and not protesting never has any chance of effecting change.

Jan 2017

End Japanese dolphin slaughter

Save our NHS from STP Cuts
Ban HP from BETT show

King’s College cleaners strike
Nelson Walk
Justice for international students
March against closing community centres
Oh! Mother march against knife crime

Peckham march against deportations
F**k Trump

Crowds protest Trump’s Inauguration

Brixton march against mass deportations
End Deportation Charter Flights to Nigeria
15 Years of Guantanamo – No Joke!
Alarm Bells for the Housing Crisis

Harrods stop stealing waiters’ tips
Save the Sunderbans Global Protest

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