December 2016

Remember December? Not so long ago, Christmas and all that. Actually I do find it difficult to remember things now, and often when people ask me if I’ve done anything interesting recently it takes me a very long time to answer, and sometimes I need to look in my diary. Weeks and events do somehow seem to merge into each other, and I’m often rather pleased that I can look back to ‘My London Diary‘ to remember those things that I went to and photographed.

Of course I do have an actual diary too, though again it is now online, where I put down in advance when I get invitations or appointments and the details of the events I hope to photograph, though for various reasons it isn’t always possible to do so. In December I managed to get to around half the events I had an interest in. A few there just wasn’t time to get to, with other events over-running, and some days I just had to rest, too tired after other things.

When I do go out to take pictures, I usually like to have a piece of paper in my pocket on which I’ve written the important details – times and places, what the event is about, details of any buses or trains I hope to use, occasionally a name and phone number for the organiser etc. I could put it all on my smartphone, but its more convenient to have it written down, usually on a quarter sheet of scrap A4. That way a quick glimpse stops me heading for Trafalgar Square when the protest I’m going to photograph is actually in Old Palace Yard. And yes, I’ve done that before now.


Dec 2016

New Years Eve Walk
Boxing Day Walk
Howls of protest for death of the NHS

Heathrow “M4-15″protesters at court
Doctors & Nurses Die-in for Syria
Kurds protest for a Free Kurdistan
Vigil on Chelsea Manning’s 29th birthday

UCL Students protest rents and marketisation
Save Yazidi women and girls
Human Rights Day call close Guantanamo
Balochs UN Human Rights Day protest
London Santacon 2016
BBC censors prison struggles
Save the Rhino
Silent Chain for Europe
Israel free British citizen Fayez Sharary

King’s College cleaners Servest protest
Movement for Justice Supreme Court picket

Class War protests ‘fascist architect’
Cannizaro Park
South Ascot Walk

Shut Down Yarl’s Wood 10

Justice for LSE Cleaners

London Images


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