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I woke up early this morning (or rather a couple of mornings ago by the time I publish this) thinking about names. In particular about domain names, though I drifted on to more personal thoughts. I find myself in the rather ridiculous position of having 25 domain names, which is a little more than I really need.

It isn’t really quite so bad as that, as four are ones I hold for other people or groups rather than myself. Six of the others too are for sites I wrote for group shows I organised with other photographers, and one a group site I curate with another photographer. But that still leaves 14 that are all mine. Which seems slightly excessive.

The latest acquisition is of course Hull Photos at which I set up around a month ago. I was staggered to fine that that particular domain name was still available – as too were several others I considered. I chose it as being short, easy to remember and exactly describing what I intended to use it for. The ‘’ is I think entirely appropriate for a site dedicated to a UK city, and has the advantage of being one of the cheapest of domain registrations to maintain.

When I first registered a domain, I think back in 1996, almost any name you could think of was available. I chose because I had already written a small site featuring London’s buildings (it’s still on-line but at a different address in that domain – and looks very dated, having only had the kind of essential changes needed to keep it working with modern browsers.) Later, largely because it was going cheap, I also registered, and both this and now point to the same page, a kind of front end to my work on London that I wrote around 15 years ago – with minor updates since.

At the time I intended ‘Buildings of London‘ to be a much more extended site, showing a good selection of the roughly 100,000 pictures I had taken of buildings of all types across the city, but somehow that has yet to happen – though it will probably come soon. Long ago I registered yet another domain for that purpose.

The 2012 London Olympic site in 1980

Another site with a specific purpose is, which displays some of my work along the Lea Valley, which I’d photographed since the 1980s. I set up the web site in 2005; I’d been thinking about it for several years but went full steam ahead once London had been awarded the 2012 Olympic Games – and later many of the pictures went in to my book ‘Before the Olympics’.

An obvious choice for my work would be domains using my own name, and I registered two of these, which is my London’s Industrial History site, written for me by my elder son as a present back in 1999 and still looking good, though some of the scans reflect an age of lower standards.

Then there is also, where I had to have the – in the middle because the site without it was already taken for a US preacher. could be used for any of my sites, but I needed a domain for my Paris Pictures, and that’s it.

And of course there are two domains you are all aware of, My London Diary, at (and and a couple of others) and >Re:PHOTO, this site, which is a name I find some people don’t understand but which is explained here. That had to be just, partly because only a limited range of letters etc are allowed in domain names, but also because many people can’t easily find the ‘>’ or ‘:’ on the keyboard or phone.


There are no adverts on this site and it receives no sponsorship, and I like to keep it that way. But it does take a considerable amount of my time and thought, and if you enjoy reading it, a small donation – perhaps the cost of a beer – would be appreciated.

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