October 2016 on-line

The annual UFFC march against deaths in custody

It’s been a struggle getting October 2016 entries up on My London Diary.  Though I don’t think there is any real reason for this. If anything the change to a mobile-friendly site has made putting work on slightly simpler,  as the page design is a little simpler, though the visual effect is relatively small – unless you are viewing the site on a screen less than 900 pixels across.

It was quite a busy and varied month for me as you can see, but I did find time to spend a little time working on urban landscape as well as the usual protests.

My London Diary

Oct 2016

Mind’s collusion with the DWP

A Walk in the Olympic Park
Roma protest Czech Murder
Families United against Custody Deaths
Vegans march for Animal Rights

Bring Fracking Home to Barclays
Cockroaches at Theori Housing Management
Masked protest against Soho raids
Give back Cooman’s Shield
Great Australian Bight Alliance

Student Rent Strike protest
AxeDrax protest against Biomass & Coal
Bring Calais refugee children here now
CETA Street stall & Banner drop
Picturehouse strike for Living Wage

Justice for LSE cleaners
Stop murders in the Philippines

Black bloc rally at the Cable St Mural
Battle of Cable Street 80 March
Battle of Cable Street 80 Rally
Iranian vigil on Anniversary of Massacre
Trafalgar Square
Brixton Arches & More

Stand Up to Lambeth March
Stand Up to Lambeth Council
ASH protest Stirling Prize
Limehouse, Bow Creek & Silvertown
Cleaners demand ‘End Nepotism’

Heathrow flashmob against airport expansion

London Images

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