My London Diary for July 2016

Only a month late, July 2016 is now completed on My London Diary, and I’m beginning to think about starting August. I’m feeling just a little challenged at the moment about days and dates, realising just after I’d sealed the envelope yesterday that I had just signed several prints and documents and dated them 1/9/2016 that it was actually only the 31st August.

I decided it didn’t really matter, though it perhaps might give the recipient an impression of a far more speedy postal service than we now actually enjoy. Long gone are the days when you could put a postcard in the post at lunchtime to say you were going to be late back for tea that same afternoon.

I started the month with Jeremy Corbyn in Islington, with a picture that attracted some interest on sartorial grounds, with some newspapers suggesting he had been splashing out on a designer jacket, though personally I thought it more likely to have come from an Islington charity shop. The event was against the post-Brexit vote race hate spike, and several other events in the month also reflected the referendum vote, and both this and the continuing attacks on the Labour leader made me and many others reflect on the nature of democracy in a country where the media is largely controlled by a handful of billionaires.

The end of the month was for me dominated by more personal concerns – the funeral of and old friend and my elder son’s 4oth birthday and wedding. I considered whether to include these in my public diary, and have done so because they are of interest to a rather wider circle than those family and friends with whom they have already been shared, but with only a small number of pictures and an invitation to those who want more to contact me personally.

The first picture below shows cleaners and supporters backing the strike by workers at 100 Wood St in the City of London on the 50th day of their strike. I was pleased around ten days later to hear that another protest planned had been called off because the action had been succesful. Obviously the determination of the workers and their union, the United Voices of the World was the major factor in this, but the very public actions like this one, shaming the companies concerned, are important. Protests and the media coverage they can get do work – if not every time.

July 2016

Cambridge, Raihanah & Sam
Solidarity with Rampal protesters

Reinstate the Wood St Two
Sam at 40
Townly’s Funeral

Stop Trident emergency protest
Peoples Assembly/Stand Up to Racism rally
EDL march and rally
Cleaners Flash Mob at CBRE London HQ
End Austerity, No to Racism, Tories Out!
Falun Dafa march against Chinese repression

Defend our NHS
Solidarity for Wood St cleaners
Trident Mad Hatters Tea Party
Disabled PIP Fightback blocks Westminster
NHS Bill protest at Parliament
PIP Fightback at Vauxhall
Harmondsworth Moor

Focus E15 Occupy Police Station

Brixton stands with Black victims
Green Park Brexit Picnic
Europe, Free Movement and Migrants
East End Sisters Uncut-Domestic Violence
Housing Protest at ‘Progress’ conference
Garden Bridge ‘Progress’ protest
End the Israeli siege of Gaza
Stand Up for PrEP!
Blair lied, Millions Died – Chilcot
NUT Strike Day March
Supporters Stand Up for Israel

Al Quds Day March
Arms dealers out of LT Museum
Jo Cox banner of love
16-17 Year olds demand the vote
Rally For Europe against Brexit
March For Europe against Brexit
Love Islington – NO to Hate Crime

London Images


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