Stephen Shore Video

Just watched this on ‘A Photo Editor‘ – nine and a half minutes with much of the time Stephen Shore talking about how he works and well worth watching.

Shore of course has long been a favourite photographer of mine, particularly for the work he published in 1982 in ‘Uncommon Places‘ of which I have a well-thumbed copy. But I enjoyed seeing him and listening to him talk about the medium. And it made me go and find the book and look through it again.

William Eggleston is another of my favourites, but the video of him featured on the same site made by his son Winston I found far less interesting. It’s a bit too much Gee I like my dad and I think his pictures are great for my taste, and one or two pictures where I’d hoped he tell me a bit about them he simply passes without comment. Better to look at the books for yourself I think.

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