My Valentine

I’m sorry that I won’t feel well enough to attend the Reclaim Love Valentine Party I’ve been to at least a part of every year’s celebration since 2005, when Venus Cumara organised it around the statue of Eros for the first time (the previous year that I’d missed it had been in Trafalgar Square and I was in Paris.)

We were back there in 2006:

And for a rather smaller event in 2007 without Venus:

But Venus was back and spraying love around the area in 2008:

2009 was another good year,

And 2010

In 2011 Venus took everyone – around 250 people – to the ring of trees in Green Park and the police were not amused.

I left early in 2012 when torrential rain threatened to flood my cameras, but not before joining in the fun and taking quite a few pictures

I was late for the party in 2013 having been with friends who were blocking Whitehall but not too late:

And in 2014, things seemed to start rather slowly but I was sorry I had to rush away:

Last year was another good year:

and I’ll be sorry to miss this year’s event, but I probably shouldn’t go a spread my germs to everyone even if I do feel fit enough to make it.

But I’ll miss the ‘bands, dancing and a “Massive Healing Reclaim Love Meditation Circle beaming Love and Happiness and our Vision for world peace out into the cosmos“. We could certainly do with peace and should I make a miraculous recovery I’ll be there with the rest at 6pm in time for the World Peace Meditation at 6.30pm chanting ‘May All The Beings In All The Worlds Be Happy & At Peace’.


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