England under water

So far I’ve been fortunate to escape the floods that appear to have crippled much of England, though last week I was in Hull and East Yorkshire where around 17,000 homes were damaged in June. In London just over a week ago I sheltered under a tree on the embankment during one of the heaviest rain storms I’ve ever seen; at its worst there was an almost total white-out, with anything further than around 25 metres disappearing from sight.

I’d kept dry under the tree for some time, but when it really came down it offered no protection at all, and the umbrella I put up wasn’t entirely effective either, though it kept the worst off. I was too busy trying to keep dry to take pictures until the worst was over, and even then it was difficult to keep the camera dry.

London (C) 2007, Peter Marshall
I took some pictures when the rain eased off

The floods are moving down river towards where I live at the moment – we have a flood warning in force and its likely we will get flooded. Its 60 years since the house was last flooded, and the levels are said to be a few inches higher than then. So I’m starting moving what I can to the first floor.

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