Abir Abdullah on Nepal

On Shahidul Alams‘s ShahidulNews you can see Resilience and Reasons, with some large colour images made by Abdullah immediately following the Nepal earthquake, along with text by another photographer, Syed Latif Hossain. It’s a rather more positive view of the country and people after the quake than those in the Western press.

The New York Times Lens Blog published an interview with Abdullah about his project ‘Death Traps’, a project on the disastrous fires in Dhaka in 2012, with a slide show of 17 pictures.

Abir Abdullah (b. 1971)was one of the first batch of students at Pathshala, South Asian Media Academy in Dhaka and later a vice principal at the academy. Still based in Bangladesh, he is now a photographer for european pressphoto agency.

You can also see more of his fine work on his own web site.

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