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Exactly a year ago I wrote a post Liebling Revisited, prompted by an article that had appeared in the New York Times Lens blog.  And today I find myself writing again, urging you not to miss another feature, this time in Slate, How One Photographer Captured a Changing New York City Over 50 Years in connection with a show at the Steven Kasher Gallery in New York until June 6, 2015 and which includes some previously unseen work.

I wrote a whole series of articles about the New York Photo League and a number of the individual photographers who were a part of it at a time when it was little talked about either here on in the US.

At more or less the same time Anne W Tucker, Clare Cass, & Stephen Daiter’s book ‘This Was The photo League: Compassion and the Camera from the Depression to the Cold War, was published by the Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicago in 2001, I wrote five page introduction to the Photo League, with a long list of web links to the few articles then on the web about it and a rather longer list to individual photographers who had been associated with it, some better known than others: Morris Engel, Sid Grossman, Arthur Leipzig, Rebecca Lepkoff, Sol Libsohn, Jerome Liebling, Marion Palfi, Rae Russel, Larry Silver, Erika Stone and Dan Weiner. I had by that time already written about some others including Paul Strand, Lewis Hine, Walter Rosenblum, Gene Smith, Berenice Abbott and Aaron Siskind, and promised to write more about some of the others in later posts.

And for some of them I did, though I think I never got around to writing about Jerome Liebling at any length. I’m not sure why, for ‘The People, Yes‘ was certainly a fine book and one I got when it came out in the 1990’s  and it is still available secondhand at a reasonable price. You can find out more about him on the Jerome Liebling web site.

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